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Employee Benefits Enrollment

Customer Payment Systems

[Mobile & Traditional]

  • 1:31 video- https://hr.ease.com/EaseHRvideo.html
  • Employee Handbooks, Letter Templates, Training Guides On Demand, Law updates, and Much More
  • Mobile Time Off Tracking & Employee Document Storage (iOS and Android)
  • Sync all data for payroll directly
  • 12 Hours per week day unlimited phone support
  • End-to-End Broker Support for Any Policy or Account Need [Commercial & Public Sector]
  • Compliance Proof Your Company
  • Digital Education & Communication
  • Special Enrollment for COVID-19
  • Contact-less & Mobile payment devices
  • Traditional/Virtual Point Of Sale Systems
  • Online Ordering & Payment (Customers Never Leave Your Website)
  • Free Credit Card Terminal (Mobile or Traditional) with HR On Demand Subscription Package & New Merchant Account
    •  Client Merchant Accounts are always interchange plus pricing and no early termination fees (completely transparent and no annual contracts)