Employee Benefit Services and Administration – Simplified

We combine simple and easy-to-use employee onboarding/enrollment technology with tailor-made supplemental insurance & compliance programs. Why pay a premium for OUT-sourcing services that you already have a good handle on?

Welcome IN-sourcing: using the tools and resources of the 21st century to get the job done right in-house, and with better results.

Many employers around the country are implementing cloud-based software solutions to manage repetitive tasks included with Human Resources and Benefits Management. A Forever Benefits system allows your employees to gain access to a simple, modern and personal way to learn about the many benefit choices offered to them at work, without distraction from their productivity.

We help you contain the costs of employee benefit services and streamline the employee experience using a turn-key enrollment platform, or Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The technology solution is tailored to your needs and will provide a way to eliminate the physical paperwork associated with open enrollment and deliver digital (encrypted) report data/forms.

Our goal is partnership: with employer groups and their trusted brokers. We fill the gaps in your program and simplify the enrollment process for you.

Employee Benefits Enrollment Services

Our Repeatable, 3-Year “Forever Service” Support Cycle for Employee Benefits